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Morning Affirmation

I affirm that if I go through this new day with the right attitude, the right beliefs, the right outlook all will be well.


I will endeavour to meet all situations, all individuals with a positive, loving attitude, knowing that nothing comes about by chance but as a gift from the Universe to enable me to learn and take in more light.


I affirm that if I remain in contact with my Higher Self I will receive guidance and direction when required.


I will allow my consciousness to rise up and not down. I will allow love to flow instead of fear and frustration. I will allow thanks to be given instead of the 'why me' attitude. This will show I trust that all things have a positive purpose and that I trust the Universe to protect and guide me.


I affirm my intention to look for the good in everything, knowing that I may have to dig deep to find it. However, I acknowledge that although I will not be able to see all parts of the picture there is nothing missing at a Higher Level.


I am therefore committed to looking forward to what this day brings, to looking for the positive aspects, the teachings it brings and to asking for help when I feel the need.


I will accept myself and others without judging. If, at the end of the day I feel I could have done better I will simply note this and look forward to tomorrow when I can put my new learnings into practice.

Evening Affirmation


I affirm that the experiences, encounters, emotions and events I have undergone today were exactly right for me in every way.


I affirm that if any experiences, encounters, emotions or events which I would have liked to occur did not happen, then this was also exactly right for me in every way.


I acknowledge that the Universe allows everything to happen in the right way and at the right time.


This allows me to experience trust, peace of mind and an inner knowing that all will be well.


I acknowledge that whatever occurred today happened for a reason and gave me a learning experience. As I look back at today's experiences I will endeavour to learn from whatever has occurred and to learn from my reactions. I will not dwell on mistakes but know that today's lessons were given to enable me to grow and evolve. It is up to me to use these situations to grow spiritually.


As I note the lessons the Universe has given me I will give thanks, accept whatever has occurred, sleep peacefully, knowing that the Universe does not make mistakes.


I therefore send love and healing to all events, all people that have been part of my experiences today and ask that any negativity that has emanated from me on whatever level is transmuted into love and light.


Higher Self Affirmation

I have the  power within myself to enable me to be the way I want to be, to achieve what is right for me, to feel the way I want to feel and to find peace and health.

All I have to do is let go and tune into my Higher Self and acknowledge that Divine spark within me and all others.

These spiritual qualities are for sharing and as I let go of them that well within me will be replenished for as I give so will I receive and that ingoing and outgoing flow has no beginning and no end.

I acknowledge responsibility for my feelings, thoughts, actions and if |I continue connect to the Source within me these will be loving and pure and the truth that abides within me will manifest without.

As I let in the light I can open up as a bud grows and opens in the sunlight and the beauty and light are a guide for others, helping them to connect to the same Source of which they are part.

I promise to give myself the time and space to allow my Higher Self to communicate and by doing this I will continue to progress along the spiritual path I have chosen to pursue.

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