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Living the Spiritual Laws for Positive Change  

A Home Study Workbook


Sample Topic




As part of our spiritual journey it is vital that we humble ourselves knowing that we will require guidance as we progress along our spiritual path: following this guidance will see us through our journey and ensure that we reach our destination.

Humility is often referred to as meekness. The opposite is pride which involves arrogance and self-righteousness, a trait that it is important to take care to avoid.

If we exhibit pride then that will eventually lead to our downfall: we will be so much better off being humble. 

Humility is not weakness and is not low self-esteem; it is allowing the power of the Universe to flow through us. When life’s trials beset us, we will get on much better and overcome these if we submit to that power which gives us the strength and the abilities to cope with our problems. It doesn’t do us any good to think that we can solve these by ourselves. It is in times of trial that pride can get in the way and lead to our downfall.


Key Points

  • To progress on our spiritual pathway it is necessary to practise humility.

  • Humility is strength, not weakness.

  • Pride comes before a fall.


Question for Reflection

  1. What situations in your life would benefit from a more humble approach? What actions or steps could you have to take to make it happen?

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