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Preparing for the Spiritual Journey -- Part 1: Some Basics 

Whether we realise it or not, each one of us is on a Journey. What or where our destination is, is for us to decide. How we get there is also for us to decide. This article was written to encourage course participants to make their Journey a spiritual journey, and thus the preparations we suggest are done so with that in mind.

Your Journey is personal: we each decide what to do and how to go about it.

  • Take on board only that which resonates as truth within you.

  • Consider what you want to achieve: ask yourself, “How will things be different from what they are now?”

  • Decide what tools, devices and techniques you will need to monitor your progress. For example you may keep a journal, monitor your health or relationships.

  • Decide what qualities you may need to acquire or display. For example, motivation, dedication, perseverance and commitment.

  • You will need to schedule time for meditation and reflection: which activity will you have to give up to make room for these? Through your connection to the Universe you will replenish yourself spiritually, and be able to reflect that spirituality to others. You will be acting as a channel for the divine grace. To help you make the time for the Universe you may want to keep a daily record of your current actions / lifestyle, making a note of what activities you get involved in and how much time you devote to each one.


More than physical

We are more than the physical entity we appear to be. There are a number of bodies interconnected with our physical being. These bodies vibrate at higher frequencies than the physical eye can perceive and thus remain unseen by most people. It is said that we each have seven such bodies but we refer only to the

Physical, Astral and Mental bodies.

Our Soul requires various bodies of a lower frequency in order to experience the lower planes of existence. Just as the Absolute puts down a tiny part of Itself as the Monad or Spirit, the Monad, in turn, puts down a part of Itself as Soul. The Soul, or Higher Self, in turn, projects down a part of Itself into the Mental, Emotional and Physical bodies which form our Personality. Our consciousness manifests through our Personality which is integrated with the Soul, and is expressed through our Physical, Astral and Mental bodies. Note that each time the Soul reincarnates it does so with a different personality.


We are all children of God and our soul goes through many reincarnations at lower levels as we gradually balance our karma to evolve and ascend on our spiritual journey and become one with the Absolute. Karma is the sum of all our thoughts and actions, good and bad, throughout our past lives and including our current life. Karma from past lives influences this life and future lives. Our aim is to make up for past negative thoughts and actions.


Spirit or Monad is our connection to God: it is our oneness with God and with each other. Thus we enter each reincarnation with a Purpose and a Life Plan to enable us to evolve.


Who am I?


Source has put down part of its being as spirit / monad which is our eternal connection to it and all life. The spirit puts down part of itself as Soul (Higher Self). It is the Soul which reincarnates if this our belief (Ancient Wisdom) with a new personality each time, ie Physical / Emotional / Mental bodies that gives us the right experiences on earth to assist us to evolve and eventually become one with the Divine. Western religion, including Islam and Judaism, says we have one life and need some sort of salvation to have eternal life. Eastern religions and the teachings of the Ancient Wisdom believe that this happens over countless lifetimes during which karma is balanced. Whatever our beliefs we have been given a spiritual gift and come with a purpose. It is how we live our life that is important no matter what our beliefs may be.

Divine energy from Soul permeates all three bodies via Chakras, which are like little energy centres serving as our connection to the Universal Life Energy and through them the energy is received and transmitted. Each chakra vibrates at a slightly different frequency, hence different colours are associated with them, and the overall effect is to keep us connected with the Universe.

The ease with which the energy flow takes place is directly related to each person’s health and wellbeing. Sometimes chakras become blocked because of stress, emotional or physical problems. If the body’s ‘energy system’ cannot flow freely it is likely that problems will occur.

The consequence of irregular energy flow may result in physical illness and discomfort or a sense of being mentally and emotionally out of sorts. It is important therefore that the chakras remain healthy, clear and in balance as this will enhance the quality of your spiritual work and intuitive abilities.


 (a) Materialistic Approach

  • Family and society pressures – work hard, do well materially.

  • influenced by others who believe they know best -- following the career of a parent or entering a family business.

  • easy pathway but not being true to oneself.

  • many people never remember -- drift through life with little or no spiritual life.

  • Can lead to dissatisfaction.


 (b) Spiritual Approach

  • Very often this direction is taken as we get older.

  • born with a purpose that will enable our soul to evolve but very soon forget this.

  • Go within to rediscover purpose – realize a physical life brings many different experiences which allow the soul to learn and evolve.


Why am I here?


We are here to evolve back to Source and have been given a purpose which we can fulfil because we have also been given the right skills, attributes, environment and opportunities to do so. We are not here by accident.

  • Free Will = choice – we can live a purely physical / material life or we can adopt spiritual values and raise consciousness.

  • contain a spark of the Divine.

  • possess divine attributes but often fail to recognize and display them.

  • only aware of our physical body but we have other bodies too, all of which vibrate at higher frequencies than the physical. The bodies closest to us are the Astral, and Mental bodies which, together with the Physical, form our Personality.


We get trapped in the allure of the physical and separate ourselves from the Divine and from each other. This is the material route which is selfish and leads nowhere.


Life Purpose


The Soul incarnates to evolve and it is essential each of us discovers the purpose of our incarnation in order to grow spiritually. The Soul is aware of our Life Purpose and by contacting our Soul by raising our consciousness we can make this discovery. 

  • all born with a Life Purpose whether we realize it or not -- Eastern religions call this Dharma.

  • have incarnated with a unique talent, others will have similar talents, but we each can use our gift in a way no one else can.

  • born with everything we need – right family environment, education, social connections, religion

  • need to reconnect with our Higher Self who knows what gift we have and how we can use it to evolve.

  • in this way we become a creator not a destroyer  

  • power to achieve our dreams

  • cease seeing ourselves as victims by blaming others.

  • taking responsibility and also having patience to allow events to unfold. (Laws of Responsibility and Patience.)


The source of all life is love and as we raise our consciousness we connect lovingly with all life. We rid ourselves of limited beliefs (Law of Self Love). We connect with our Higher Self to experience love, truth, freedom and these give life meaning and satisfaction.


Being of Service


All problems and difficulties whether personal or worldwide give us opportunities to display spiritual qualities and goodwill towards our spiritual brothers and sisters. We have to remind ourselves of Oneness even when there are disagreements, selfishness and antagonistic responses from others.

All is energy, every thought, every action and it is not easy to maintain unconditional love towards enemies. Goodwill to others involves benevolence and compassion and these positive energies bring about positive results which may not always be immediately noticed.

Goodwill is love in action. It is easy to say we love our enemies but how far are we prepared to act on this and take responsibility for assisting those in need. Whatever we do for others we are serving God. How else will help be given? Being of service starts with energy ie the energy of thought (as a man thinketh in his heart, so he is.). Thoughts are power and influence what we become.

We need to evaluate prejudices and judgments and see others needs as our responsibility to assist. Serving others involves looking at where we each fit in. We each have different resources, skills, aptitudes and all are needed to make the world a better place. Linking with our soul and Beings of Light can assist us in finding our purpose and how we can serve.

Evolving spiritually isn’t just about raising our consciousness to a higher level: it’s about practical aspects such as putting into practice what we believe will benefit others. This balance is vital for true progress. We are each a part of all that is and need to be conscious of what is occurring within our personal life and also in the world at large.

Living spiritually involves devoting time to connect with our soul and the world around us. When we connect with our soul we will be driven to act and understand our responsibility in reaching out to others’ needs.

Seeking out like minded people brings even greater benefits to the wellbeing of others. Being of service involves making sacrifices of our time, money and other resources but we benefit as much as those who are at the receiving end of our goodwill.

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