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Who Am I?

In order to get an understanding of ourselves it is vital to go back to the beginning of the manifestation of life as has been described by teachers of Theosophy. It gives an insight as to our beginnings and also the evolution of the Universe. Helena P Blavatsky, through her spiritual connection with Higher Beings, introduced Theosophical teachings. The word Theosophy comes from the Greek words “theos” meaning God and “sofia” meaning wisdom. Theosophy is therefore frequently called “Divine Wisdom”.


Theosophy does not recognise a personal God such as God in Christianity. Blavatsky defined Theosophy as the basis of truth in all religions although Theosophy has no ceremonies or rituals. Theosophists are free to follow other religions and many follow Buddhism and Christianity. Theosophy can give a better understanding of these religions as these religions are often taken literally and the true underlying message is lost.


The word “Absolute” in Theosophical writings refers to the One Life and is described as “omnipotent, eternal, boundless and immutable principle on which all speculation is impossible” (Secret Doctrine). Blavatsky understood spirit and matter to be inseparable.


The Absolute is referred to as “Causeless Cause” which is not in manifestation and is without attributes or personality. Within the Absolute is the potential for the First Logos to come forth but which remains unmanifested. The Second Logos emerged from the First Logos but was only semi-manifested. The Third Logos emerged from the Second Logos and was the initial manifestation. The Absolute is the source of all three and this unity is the fundamental teaching that throughout the entire Universe all that exists is Oneness.

Pralaya is a Sanskrit word that means "dissolution" or "melting away". In Hinduism, the oldest of the religions, it refers to a period in the great cycle of events when the universe is in a state of non-existence, and occurs when the three qualities of matter are in perfect balance. These qualities are:

  • the quality of darkness, ignorance, delusion, dullness, laziness, inactivity, and inertia.

  • passion, activity, excitement, dynamism, and creation.

  • true nature or spiritual essence -- the quality of luminosity, balance, harmony, goodness, purity, truth, peacefulness, being-ness, pure consciousness.


The Book of Genesis (Gen 1:2-3 KJV) states “the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.”

In far older Hindu scriptures, we read that there was a movement over the infinite waters of abstract Space and that this was “the first quivering of manifestation” which resulted in the emergence of the First (Unmanifested) Logos. 

Logos is a Greek word that translates into English as “Word” or “Speech” and was used by philosophers in reference to the Divine. It is interesting to note that the New Testament in the Bible was written in Greek and in John 1:1 it is said that “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God: and the Word was God”. It can be seen that there is a basis of truth running through all religions but much truth becomes lost when different interpretations are laid down often with a desire to control followers.


The unfolding of Creation is very complex and if further study is desired there are many books and articles available on the internet which are in-depth, not easy to comprehend but fascinating nevertheless.

So, from the First Logos the Second Logos emerges and it has a duality in that it is both Manifested and Unmanifested: in turn, the Third Logos (Manifested) emerges from the Second Logos. Thus we have a (Holy) Trinity of Three Logoi.

These Three Logoi are known by different names in various spiritual traditions: in Hinduism they are known as Trimurti (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva); in Gnosticism as Trimorphic Protennoia (Father, Mother, Son); in Egyptian religion as Osiris, Isis and Horus; in Christianity as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. However, in spite of these superficial differences, the conception of the triple divinity (The Trinity) is common to the whole of humanity, and it takes on the most suitable manifestation for any given people.

H P Blavatsky, in The Secret Doctrine, speaks of the three Logoi as being “the personified symbols of the three spiritual stages of Evolution.”

THE FIRST LOGOS is always referred to as the Unmanifested Logos. Symbolically, it is represented as the point in the centre of the circle (sphere?) of boundless infinite Absoluteness and is the point marking the very beginning in which there was nothing and is “latent possibility” only. The First Logos is the “potentiality” of the Universe, whilst the Second Logos is the “potency” of the Universe. The Second emanates from the First. 

THE SECOND LOGOS is the Manifested-Unmanifested Logos. It is actually only “semi-manifested” because it manifests through and as the Third Logos. It is the connective channel between the possibility (of the First Logos) and the actualization (of the Third Logos).

THE THIRD LOGOS is referred to variously as the Seven Rays, the Seven Creative Powers, or the Seven Logoi. The Third Logos manifests from the Second Logos. All things therefore come into being through the Third Logos.

These cosmic forces are seven in number and are referred to as Rays / Powers / Forces. They are really the seven occult forces of the Universe which see to the fulfilment of the Plan for the construction and building of the Universe. It is the function of the Third Logos to bring into manifestation the ideas that lie within the Absolute.

It is also important to bear in mind that there are not actually three distinct Logoi but rather the One Logos bringing about the evolution of the Universe through three distinct stages, and it is especially important to remember that “the One Logos bringing about the evolution of the Universe” is not any type of Being, Entity, or Divine Person but rather the Energy of Universal Life itself.

Briefly there are outpourings from each of the three Logoi. These outpourings are the life of the Divine. Spirit gives form to matter and the Divine Life Force animates the Universe and all life within it. With the outpourings the potentiality of the First Logos manifests through the Second and Third Logos as sparks or fragments of the Divine called Monads and the seven planes of Nature were also created. Monad means unit or self and numerous Monads emerged, each being a spark of the Divine. This is our true essence and our immortal true self.


The Monad, desiring to gain experience, remains on the Monadic plane but puts down part of itself as 12 Souls. The descent to lower levels is the way in which the Monad gains experience of the material life.


However, the Soul has to descend even lower and so each Soul produces 12 Soul Extensions. Thus, we each belong to a Monad and a family of 12 Souls: we also belong to a family of 144 Soul Extensions all working for the evolution of the Souls.


Our Soul Extension is our personality which is our Mental, Astral and Physical Bodies. When we consider all this we begin to understand our Oneness with all life. Each Soul Extension is working towards the evolution of the Soul and all Souls are assisting the evolution of the Monad. Each one of us belongs to a Monad, a spark of the Divine. Our true essence is spiritual and there is no separateness as all Monads are the essence of God. This is who we are, a part of the Divine, and the plan is for us all to return to become One with our Creator. It’s a long journey back and Theosophy teaches that our spiritual evolution is achieved through many incarnations. Our Soul reincarnates to learn lessons and it is the Law of Karma (Cause and Effect) that teaches us what we need to learn.

Western religion, in general, says we have one life and need some sort of salvation to have eternal life. Eastern religions and the teachings of the Ancient Wisdom believe that this happens over countless lifetimes during which karma is balanced. Whatever our beliefs we have been given a spiritual gift and come with a purpose. It is how we live our life that is important no matter what our beliefs may be.

Divine energy from Soul permeates all three bodies via Chakras, which are like little energy centres serving as our connection to the Universal Life Energy and through them the energy is received and transmitted. Each chakra vibrates at a slightly different frequency, hence different colours are associated with them, and the overall effect is to keep us connected with the Universe.

The ease with which the energy flow takes place is directly related to each person’s health and wellbeing. Sometimes chakras become blocked because of stress, emotional or physical problems. If the body’s ‘energy system’ cannot flow freely it is likely that problems will occur.

The consequence of irregular energy flow may result in physical illness and discomfort or a sense of being mentally and emotionally out of sorts. It is important therefore that the chakras remain healthy, clear and in balance as this will enhance the quality of your spiritual work and intuitive abilities.

We are who we are through the process of involution (the Divine coming down to the physical) and are now in the process of evolution back to the Divine which is our true source of Being. Part 2 of this topic will follow on from this and explore why we are here.

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